I've been using Adobe's Source Code Pro as my Emacs font for a while. I just learned about Hasklig, which adds ligatures for things like -> and <*> to Source Code Pro so that the arrow would show up as →. As a Haskell learner, I thought this would be awesome.

Unfortunately, the Hasklig README says Emacs doesn't support ligatures.

Oh wait, I'm using Emacs Mac Port (via railwaycat's Homebrew tap), not plain vanilla Emacs, so I can just (mac-auto-operator-composition-mode). Boom. Ligatures everywhere, and it doesn't even mess up the alignment.

(Hover over the below image to show with (mac-auto-operator-composition-mode) turned off.)

This change has improved my programming ability by exactly 0%.

(By the way, I'm enjoying Monads for functional programming, which has been surprisingly readable.)